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Welcome to the summer edition of the Worth Valley Mag.
This magazine has been published continuously for 18 years and in that time has supported thousands of local businesses, tradespeople, sole proprietors, charities, churches, non-profit organisations, festivals, events and scores of individual endeavours.
We gladly record the toing and froing of this vibrant and unique community. Our format is rather 'old school' and many readers tell us they appreciate our printed publication as a trusted offline source, like a local word of mouth channel for suppliers, happenings and information.
Thank you for using the businesses and service providers in this directory, and for supporting the organisations and indivduals raising money for local charities. By spending your money locally you are contributing to the wellbing of the local economy.

Local, Local, and more Local...we can't say it enough; you get the point : )

Have a fabulous summer and enjoy all that the Worth Valley has to offer.

The deadline for ads in our September edition is August 16th.
Phone us today to book your space 01535 642227.

Advertise in the Worth & Aire Valley Mags

The Worth and Aire Valley Mags are a trusted guide to local services, products and leisure attractions for residents and visitors to the area.

Each mag includes a business directory, articles, features, reviews, useful contacts, puzzles, events and community pages.

Since we started in 2006 we have published over 445 monthly editions with a monthly print distribution of 20,000 copies.

We deliver door-to-door and to selected tourist and public outlets in these communities:

Worth Valley Mag (Group 1)

Aire Valley Mag (Group 2)

Aire Valley Mag (Group 3)

Advertising for:

Our pricing structure is lower than any other local or regional publications. The cost of a display ad starts at just £31.66 (plus VAT) per month per Group.

If you book an ad in all 3 mags you get one free.

And there are further discounts if you book for 3 consecutive months.

Each mag is available to download from this page for one month and then from our back issues page. When you advertise with us, you can reach even more people by adding a banner link to your website on our side bar. We will also promote your organisation or event on all of our social media channels.

We are passionate about enhancing community spirit, strengthening local trade and supporting the economic growth of the Worth and Aire Valleys.

For further details:

Contact: Liz Barker or Joanne Ingham.

Tel: 01535 642227, or Email: