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Out & About
What's happening in the Worth and Aire Valley. We aim to highlight the best indoor and outdoor activities and events in the area.

Eating Out
Reviews and advertorials of the best places to eat in the area. From cream teas to chicken tikka masala we have informative and entertaining guides on a monthly basis.

Pubs, Clubs & Entertainment
Advertorials and reviews of pubs in the Worth and Aire Valley. Real ale, pub grub and the best entertainment on offer.

Shops & Services
Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker, this page will give you a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes with profiles of local traders and businesses.

Out & About

Oxenhope Dam
Oxenhope Dam
"... The land surrounding the dam was bought by Skipton Properties in the mid 1990s and developed into housing. The dam was partially filled in and made into a duck pond, with the overlooking properties being aptly named ‘Mallard View'. .."

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Oxenhope C of E
Oxenhope CofE Primary School - The hopes of Le Tour
"... It was a grand day in Oxenhope for the Primary School Bike Shed opening - Gary Verity (now Sir Gary Verity) was guest of honour on June 11th. . .."

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Steve Thorpe
Marathon Man
"... An interview with Steve Thorpe, local gardener and community champion......."

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Liz Barker
Connecting in the community
"... this time last year I was immersed in Fields of Vision, a landscape art project that placed the Worth Valley in the eyes of a global audience, culminating with significant media coverage throughout the weekend of the Grand Depart and a great swell of pride in everything Yorkshire......"

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Haworth & Oxenhope District Bridleways Group
"... was founded with the main aim of working towards protecting and improving our bridleways network and negotiating new off road riding opportunities for the benefit of our members and others alike....."

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Scouting - Keighley
"... Scouts in Keighley help support a large number of organisations and charities in the area whether this be helping the Keighley Lions with their ‘Santa Appeal’ each Christmas, or raising money for the Candle-lighters and the Air Ambulance,...."

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Clive Sherratt
Clive - Fit for Purpose
"...Never one to sit still for long, Clive started doing distance running and long distance walking in 2010 when he reached to age of 60. Since then he has run four full marathons and three half marathons (including the Great North Run)..."

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Groovy Happening
Groovy Happening - Haworth
"...Groovy Happening Live Music events started after the success of a one off event, Music For Manorlands, held in December 2011. A few like-minded people decided to carry this on as a monthly event, the first one being on 4th February ’12 when it snowed heavily and the headline band couldn’t get there. We arrived looking like snowmen, but despite the various challenges it was a fantastic night and a new addition to Haworth’s monthly live music scene...."

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fibre valley kids
Fibre Valley Kids
"...Children in the upper Worth valley were able to express their frustrations relating to poor broadband and patchy mobile signals at a meeting organised by Fibre Valley, the group set up to campaign for better digital connectivity in the area.. ...."

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Bees, Bugs & Mud Pies
Worth The Tour - Worth Valley
“…Following the recent Tour de France Roadshow hosted by Welcome to Yorkshire, the regional tourism industry champion, a number of local residents, business owners, and community minded individuals gathered for an informal meeting to begin exchanging ideas and plans for the global sporting event that will take place in July 2014. On the agenda included a discussion of the 100 day Cultural Festival that will precede the cycling spectacle...”

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Bees, Bugs & Mud Pies
Bees, Bugs & Mud Pies - East Riddlesden Hall
“…Recently East Riddlesden Hall’s population has increased by some 750,000! Our new residents are of the winged variety; Bees! Working with the Airdale Beekeepers we now have a wonderful new apiary sited adjacent to our new car parking area. Harking back to when the hall was a hive of self sufficient farming activity, the apiary is a fascinating addition to the land and a real talking point...”

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Straw Race
Straw Race - Oxenhope
“…Every year hundreds of people come to Oxenhope to take part in the Straw Race. Teams of two make their way around the village, quenching their thirst with a pint in each of the five pubs along the route whilst carrying a straw bale! On race day the village has a true party atmosphere with hundreds of spectators turning out, come rain or shine, to watch the 250 teams, mostly in fancy dress, complete the course...”

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www.strawrace. com/join-the-fun

Knitter knatter
Knitter Knatter - East Morton
“…I run a knitting wool company called Cygnet Yarns Ltd. and when asked, “Do you knit?” I had to reply, “Unfortunately, No!” A number of people mentioned they were keen to learn and I also felt it was something I wanted to do. Judith Hales who has done design work for Cygnet and is a good friend of mine agreed to take on the role of teacher. And so the Knitter Knatter group was established in January 2011. .….”

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The Hub
Steeton & Eastburn Community Hub
“…Following four years of careful planning and fastidious project management, the Steeton & Eastburn Community Hub is open to the public. Chairman of S&E Parish Council, David Mullen, spearheaded the project and kept it on track through a period of economic challenges and government budget cuts. .….”

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Welcome to Yorkshire Chief, Gary Verity, and TDF Director, Christian Prudhomme; a bromance made in Yorkshire!
Vive Le Yorkshire!
“…It’s not often you’ll hear the French and the English singing each other’s praises. The age old rivalry between us ‘Roast Beefs’ and those ‘Frogs Legs’ goes back centuries, but now it would seem we have finally found something we can both agree on: Yorkshire is brilliant!….”

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fibre valley
Fibre Valley
"...The Worth Valley is famed for its history - but now, thanks to a project on the launch night of Haworth Festival, it's famed for it's future as well! On June 29, a team of four volunteers equipped with a handful of inexpensive kit, performed the first ever "webcast" from Top Withens, high on the moors above Haworth. ...."

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Take a Step
Take a Step
“…The Haworth Fairtrade group are joining forces with Fairtrade Bradford and inviting people to join them on The Fair Trade Way, a circular walking route linking all the the district's Fairtrade places, Bradford, Bingley, Shipley, Baildon, Burley, Ilkley, Haworth, Denholme and Thornton. The Bradford Zone walks will eventually form part of a network covering the country, originating in Garstang Lancashire the World's first Fairtrade Town..."
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Haworth Calendar
Haworth Couldn't Wear Less
“…It all started when Jevgenia’s exercise
and dance class from Haworth went on an overnight excursion to the Dales. While enjoying the break in the countryside one of the dance class members, Sarah Granby, picked up the Grassington Calendar Boys 2011 calendar....."
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Fair Trade
Glusburn - Fall Fest - 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2011
“…Fall Fest is the brainchild of retired teacher Sue Ingham. She and a team of dedicated people in the community, including Jason Smith and Katie Johnson, have pulled all the stops out to put on this inaugural event. The aim is to showcase the amazing talent that exists in Glusburn, Crosshills and the surrounding villages...."
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Keighley Beer Festival
Keighley - Beer Festival - 22nd to 24th Sept 2011
“…The local branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) organises 2 beer festivals a year. Keighley Beer Festival is approaching it's 23rd year at the end of September at Victoria Hall, the other is the relatively new Skipton Beer Festival held in Spring. This year's Keighley festival will be featuring at least 10 different porters..."
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Fair Trade
Bradford - Fair Trade
“…Fairtrade Bradford would like to gather all the district's decorated bunting for a mass photo at 2pm on Saturday, 12th March on Darley Street, Bradford..."
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Kly Playhouse
Keighley Playhouse - Jeckyll & Hyde
“…This was my first visit to this excellent theatre and I was immediately impressed with the friendly atmosphere. This was clearly a regular haunt for many people judging by the familiarity between staff and customers in the bar. The theatre on Devonshire Street is much larger than I expected..."
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Keighley Rifle Club
“…The best way to get into shooting is to join an NSRA (National Smallbore Rifle Association) recognised club where you can learn to shoot safely using club equipment and receive coaching to help you improve. Fortunately the Aire and Worth valleys are well served by Keighley Rifle club situated in the old Parkwood Quarry at the top of Saint Paul’s Road. ..."
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Keighley Agricultural Show
“…will take place on Saturday 4th September 2010 at the King George V Playing Fields (part of the Marley Sports Centre complex) situated off Aireworth Road Keighley, BD21 4DB. This year will see a completely re-vamped Show, with a much more user-friendly field layout to enable all visitors to see every part of the Show with ease..."
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sheep cred
Keighley Arts Factory
“…A flock of Worth Valley Young Farmers recently gathered at the Keighley Arts Factory to participate in the Shorn Sheep project, an initiative to bring businesses together with community groups and to consider the importance of creativity in society.."
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oakworth methodists
Oakworth Methodists
“…It’s a well warn cliché but Oakworth Methodist Church is situated right in the heart of the village and the village is right at the heart of all it does. The church is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year – 50 years since the vast Wesleyan Methodist Church was demolished and the present modern, multi-purpose building rose in its place..."
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haworth arts
Oxenhope Straw Race
“…If you do nothing else in July, be in Oxenhope on Sunday 5th to witness, or even take part in, the Oxenhope Straw Race. This epitome of British eccentricity, a unique festival of fancy dress, physical prowess and ... er ... beer drinking, will once again grace the roads of Oxenhope on that day, and its 400 participants will shed sweat and tears (but hopefully not blood) to complete the course, entertain the crowds with costumes and capers and, most importantly, raise a lot of money for charity..….”

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haworth arts
Bronte Parsonage Museum
“…The dining room in Haworth Parsonage is the room where the Brontë sisters wrote their famous books. Every night, after their father had gone to bed, the sisters would walk, one after the other, around the dining table late into the nightdiscussing their work….”

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haworth arts
Just Ride - Cykle Club
“…Keighley “Just Ride” CyKle Club began in October 2006 and has been going from strength to strength since then, with over 130 member riders. It has recently achieved Go Ride status from British Cycling; this position is awarded to clubs who have achieved set standards for junior members.….”

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haworth arts
Haworth Arts & Music Festival
“…As I write I can’t believe it’s nearly time for this years Festival, and like last year I’m still complaining about the weather! Oh well, we’ll carry on regardless hoping for a few sunny days to shine on our Festival, and if not, well we’ll blooming well enjoy ourselves anyway! First off though, a question, what’s in a name? Not enough the Haworth Arts Group decided, so instead of Haworth Arts Festival, you can now call us Haworth Arts & Music Festival.….”

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steam train
40th Anniversary - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
“…It was at 2.35 pm on Saturday 29 June 1968 that the Reopening Special was flagged away from Keighley station up the steep gradients of the Worth Valley branch to Ingrow, Damems, Oakworth, Haworth and Oxenhope. Never before had a group of railway enthusiasts succeeded in reopening a complete, full size branch line – and when the society had been formed in 1962 after closure of the line, many said the task was impossible..….”

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Haworth Old School
Old School Room - Haworth
“…Passing along the cobbles of Church Street it’s easy to overlook the old building hunched between Church and Parsonage; but Haworth’s Old School Room is as important in local history as its more famous neighbours. Built by Patrick Brontë, and taught at by all his children, the school opened in the summer of 1832, to provide instruction to weekday scholars in the three R’s, alongside various domestic craft skills of the day.….”

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East Riddlesden Hall
Ruddigore at East Riddlesden Hall
“…Each year, Haworth West Lane Baptist A.O.S. stages one of the Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Operas. Our producer, Michael Lofthouse, is well known in the area for his innovative settings, stretching
the traditional view of the Savoy Operas.….”

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Arts Fest
Haworth Arts Festival
“…All this rain make's it feel like we're still waiting for the summer to start!
But healthy attendances to last years Haworth Arts Festival, which took place in a downpour,
showed that Yorkshire folk don't let a bit of rain put them off getting out and enjoying themselves.….”

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Janet Cook
Walking in The Valley
“…Local legend has it that the unwed will find a mate within ‘a year and a day’ if they crawl through the narrow crevice in the large boulder of the Kirk. Penistone Crag of “Wuthering Heights” is based on
Ponden Kirk.….”

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bell ringers
Haworth Bell Ringers
“….St Michael’s has a peal of six bells installed with money raised by Patrick Brontë in 1845. After a period of disuse in the sixties and seventies, the bells were overhauled and rehung in 1988 and there has been a band of ringers ever since. Unfortunately, we are now so short of ringers that there is a danger that the Brontë bells will again fall silent….”

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machu picchu
Machu Picchu
“…In October 2005, after more than a year’s effort, Haworth and Machu Picchu were twinned. As far as we know this was the first twinning between Peru and the UK….”

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fair trade
Haworth Fair Trade
"...It was five years ago when a small group of dedicated Haworth traders and individuals in the community banded together to gain Fairtrade Village status for our cobbled country village.
At that point, few were familiar with the Fairtrade Foundation, the non-government organisation that campaigns for a fairer playing field for farmers and their families in the developing world..."

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railway children
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
"...The railway is justifiably proud that its painstaking attention to detail pays off so handsomely. It is a railway for all seasons, where winter visitors can see the stations bathed in gaslight and warm themselves in front of the coal fires in the waiting rooms. In summer, the station gardens are alive with blooms. ...."

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cobbles and clay
Cobbles & Clay
"...Painting a piece of pottery, sipping a cappuccino, and socialising with friends in a relaxed environment is a wonderful way to spend a few hours in the week.

You can do all of this and more in the friendly new art café, Cobbles & Clay, situated in the heart of Haworth's main street...."

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kris hopkins
Kris Hopkins - Walking in the Valley
"... Depending on the time of your walk, the moor will be busy with grouse, skylarks, lapwings and the ever changing colours of the heather... "

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